USS Virginia (CGN-38)
Photo Gallery

This picture is a view from inside the bridge, right in front of the helm console. (45k, GIF) Taken from the signal bridge as the ship approached the Gatun Locks, October 1992. (72k, GIF)
Virginia makes her mark on the Panama Canal, October 1992. (72k, GIF) Crew portrait, underway in the Caribbean. (180k, GIF)
Everybody gathering for a crew portrait; a good shot of the fwd Mk 26 launcher, with blue birds on the rails. (59k, GIF) Rhib detail at sunset. (42k, GIF)
Another sunset at sea, taken from the fantail at Ahead Full (59k, GIF) A fine group of officers in UB1 heading for liberty on St. Kitts, with Virginia in the background (72k, GIF)
A band called HazMat, made up of guys from CF and CA divisions, performs for a shipwide talent show that was held on the fantail during the ship's last deployment in 1993 (63k, GIF) A familiar site for many a Virginia sailor, leaving NOB Norfolk. (85k, GIF)
Officer and CPO training in T-div. (68k, GIF) Embarked US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET), LTjg Allan Tubb commanding, discussing boarding tactics (or something like that). (68k, GIF)
A typical officer's stateroom. The furnishings from the Va's staterooms were used to outfit a barge for USS LaSalle (68k, GIF) The Combat Systems Officer observes an UNREP from the Harpoon deck. (94k, GIF)
Prac-fac time for the JOs on the port bridge wing. (77k, GIF) Doc and Suppo enjoying a lazy afternoon on the veranda aft of Officer's Country. (68k, GIF)
Burgers and 'dogs on the fantail for Sunday Funday. (68k, GIF) A hard working divo inspects the motor whaleboat. (153k, GIF)
Tomahawk, departing. (60k, GIF) Petty Officers Fortenberry and Callahan man the watch with Virginia alongside USNS Kanawa, taking on potable water. (68k, GIF)
A JO Christmas in Crew Complex 17. (77k, GIF)

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