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DCC mike white 5/23/08 This was the best ship I served on.
bill freer 5/18/08 hey what's up
Jimmy Mac "Gunner Bulldog" 5/15/08 Jimmy Mac here in michigan,keeping the pirate way alive, married to satin for 111 years, paid all dues i ever owed, made two little Macs, future pirate skippers in training got a hot girl in my life by my side, just what all squids need before they hit the locker of Davy Jones and quit breathin, take my advice get a sex crazed big hearted hot angel that makes life tollerable like a dream, i am a master electrician, journeyman lineman for about fifteen years tried the cop thing but realized i am more of the criminal elemant than a Master at arms fako tough guy but long story short i know for a fact the combat division of 1990 til 1993 recall relive and replay every time we had, i miss all the pirates in my pirate tour and hope to see your ugly faces before my card is pulled, you know Mac of the Jimmy Mac Gunner Mcalister ways and know that the only boring time with me is when the morning comes and beer runs out, so whatever im sayin here as i swim thru the jug and try to type drunk and emotional about the ol day, if your alive still and wanna talk during a late drunked up mood i think u should ring my bell 586 212 1001 is the "JimmyMac hotline" keep it in the file two one two one thousand one...................go irish and god bless all you scarvy dogs, LIVE LARGE!!
David Bronakowski 5/4/08 Just thought I would pass on this information. Brian Giltinan passed on April 30, 2008 after a long battle against sarcoma. He was a nuclear engineering officer and served in charge of M-1 division. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. ET2 David Bronakowski (RC-Div 88-94)
Arnie Santos 4/29/08 Joel, Regardless of the format, I appreciate the time and effort you give in mantaining this site. Even though its over twenty years since I served, I still look forward to seeing familiar names here and hearing from them. Thanks for keeping the website going all these years.
Joel Huston 4/25/08 Sorry everybody, Comcast "improved" their website tools and this is the guestbook. I really don't have time to go figure out another solution :-(
John Abel TM2 4/23/08 Hey fellas, if you servrd jan 91-jan 94 and remember me give me a shout.
scott biggs 4/18/08 like old deck log better
YN2 Gordon "Oz" Asbach 3/31/08 Just checking in again. Miss you guys. 3/20/08 just dropping by to see if any agangers are still breathing served 86 to 91 3/15/08 I have reunion information for all interested. Send me e-mail if you want info
bill freer 3/15/08 why is the deck log different
Fred Esslinger GMG 3 3/14/08 Plank owner. Retired in Alabama and Tennessee. Looking to buy property in Gulf shores and realy retire. Drop me a line.
Joe DeSalvo 3/9/08 Hi all! Just stopping by again to say hi. I have scanned some of my old pictures from the Virginia and posted them on my myspace. feel free to download them if ya want, and if you are a myspace member, please leave a comment or something. The address is Hope to hear from old shipmates especially the ones i have pictures of! 3/5/08 My Father Richard Stuchkus was onboard during 80-83 ish, just looking for some people he may have known 2/23/08 Just lookin for Rm's that were on the Med cruise 83, feel free to write. Looking for RMCS Ruckman 2/19/08 Served in CE-Div from 89-93, left in sept of 1993. I was looking up the site when my son started asking question about it. Stiil cannot forget the years working for the Bison. 2/2/08 Served from 84-87 as RC Div O and Training Asst. Moved up to Baton Rouge in '06 following Katrina. Still think alot about USS Virginia and all the folks I knew on the ship. Will never forget when we nearly got hit by the defective missile the USS Coontz shot. 2/1/08 I was on boeard From 1990-1993,. i got into alot of trouble and thought it was worse time of my life. since i have left I miss all the people i met, and believe it was the best 3 years of my life. I hope to hear from other RM's. i was really sad looking at her in her grave
SCOTTYDOG113061@CHARTER.NET 1/31/08 JUST CHECKING IN. WOULD LIKE TO HERE FROM OLD SHIPMATES AND A-GANG SNIPES 80' TO 83'. 1/28/08 just checking in to say hello to all that served on Virginia from 1980 to 1984 1/24/08 Has been awhile since I last checked the web site. Joel you are doing a Great Job, keep it up if you can. Served on board from June '80 to December '84. Would like to here from any other shipmates from that time or any one that served in R-Div or A-gang. 1/24/08 Hello all, just checking in. I served on the Virginia from 85-89 in R-Div. Drop me a line if you remember me. Take care, Vic Beeson 1/23/08 Enjoyed this site. Hope all my shipmates have new sea stories. Bo I'm sorry about #3. 1/6/08 Just passing by, Oh the memoires ..... Security Alert during Special Weapon handling.....Ed Aloma Standing up in Penrods(sp) in Ft Lauderdale saying "I want to see the guy that is going to through me out of this bar" and more than 20 Virginia Sailors standing up as if to say "need something ED?". Spring Break, Ft Lauderdale FL, 2 week liberty port, now that was a fun time. Good time bad times and down right crazy times; had them all on board the big Gray Bitch, god I miss her. Sad to hear about Mr Smith, he was one of the good guys. Joel thanks for keeping this going! To All: Take Care & God Bless Steve 12/24/07 Merry Christmas to all my fellow shipmatees from a surviving plank owner. USS VIRGINIA (CGN-38) 1976-1977 12/22/07 Happy holidays from Florida. I check back every once and a while just to see if any new names pop up. I was never so happy to get out in 1989. that lasted about 6 months. Since i was put out for being a "fat boy", I couldn't get back in. I would have loved to stay on her for another 7 years, but things don't always work out like you want. Just wanted to say how lucky i was to be aboard with all you guys, and I hope the years since we parted ways have been kind to all of you. Please shoot me a e-mail if you feel like living in the past, if just for a little while. Deck 1983-1986 CA 1986-1989 Best wishes, Paul Carroll 12/18/07 1984-1988 - Just wishing everybody a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. I sure remember some of the best times of my life (Jamaica, St. Croix, St. Thomas, Gitmo (yuk), Nova Scotia, Gibraltar, Spain, Italy, France, Monaco, Egypt, Israel, Morocco - MED Cruise '87).
mattsmithva@VERIZON.NET 12/7/07 M-Div, 2 Plant ERS, 1985-1987. 11/25/07 Served as an ET in CE Div 90-94. Currently run the OR at Portsmouth Naval Hosp. on the weekends. Hope everyone has a safe holiday season. Looking at the pics brings back lots of good memories. Take care and Godbless. / 11/21/07 Does anyone know how to get a copy of the 91' Med Cruise Book? Thanks. 11/6/07 I watched the USS Virginia manuever on the Underwater Tracking Range in St. Croix USVI in the mid 1980's. She was a very impressive looking warship! 10/24/07 24th anniversary of the Beirut bombing. RIP 10/15/07 fyi... USS Virginia Nukes who trained or worked at D1G D1G Prototype Reactor Plant Alumni on Facebook 10/12/07 Good times,bad times and friends that I can never forget. Beiruit really sucked 1983. Oh yeah how can I ever forget the CANCER she gave me, and never having to work again. 12 OCT 2007! 10/10/07 I would love to find Jimmy Webb, Ben Richards and some of their old buddies. I would appreciate any help. Thanks 10/10/07 Would love to hear from sailors that were on the ship between 1990 to 1991. Had a few friends that served on the ship and would like to find them again 10/9/07 WOW....Any word on Onion Head and Skeeter....ET Collins and STG Anderson? or chief Jarvik or fred dedear or Sully? just askin... ftgsn willie 10/9/07 I sort of left the Virginia in a hurry in 1981! Long story, but the ending was great! I have been with Hartford Steam Boiler since leaving the Navy in 1982. I went back to Michigan, got my Engineering and graduate degrees at the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) and now reside out in Pennsylvania. Three wonderful kids; one a pilot, one a computer professional, one in Junior High. Been involved with Engineering all my life here at HSB. Every once in awhile I run across an old Navy acquaintance. I can't tell you how much I hated that ship but I do miss some of the folks during the 1977-1981 period. I hope you all are doing well! (P.S.--I wonder whatever happened to those air drop tests on #1 Reactor compartment door???) 9/28/07 Medical Officer from 1988-90 under CAPT Gary Voorheis. Gitmo, IOWA disaster, Med deployment, Marseilles, helo ops, medevacs, lost shot records, fat boy program, 4 of the best damn corpsmen in the Navy, Tunisia, Egypt, Colonel Higgins hanging by the Syrians, Syrian MIGs, Haifa, seizures, dislocations and lacerations, Gibraltar and the monkeys, Desert Shield and I cannot confirm nor deny the presence of nuclear weapons onboard USS Virgina. The best of times; the worst of times. But all incredible memories. Thanks for this website. I hope it grows. 9/27/07 The best dam time of my life.89-93.I LUV U MOFUK. Peace to my dog MM3 Richard "dick" Peoples (RIP).Whats up fellows v mackey,sammy T,herman,wild e,m gamble,don won,fitcher,roustand,and my dog d perry 9/22/07 GREETING'S SHIPMATES JUST LIKE TO SAY HELLO. IF U REMEMBER ME AND LIKE TO E-MAIL ME PLEASE DO. I SERVED 1982-1986 BM3 9/21/07 hey david ducan,jim phelps 9/17/07 Just wanted to say Hi. I was on the Virginia for its final cruise. 1992-1994. I was in Deck Divsion. I am a History Teacher now in Illinois. Give me an email if you want. 9/14/07 Passing through. Greetings to old friends. 9/7/07 Plank owner (A-Div) 76 to 79. Would like to find Matt Satterfield, Ken Prokop, Frankie Peacock. Any assistance would be appreciated 8/31/07 I am a Englishman who collects ships TAB's and just need 5 more to have all of the Guided Missile Cruisers, one being the Virginia (CGN-38), can anyone please help as I need it for a display that I have been asked to do on the 23rd of this month. If you want to see any shots of my collection please get in touch. Good sailing. John 8/29/07 Good times and Great ports. Made her last deployment in 93' as a deck seaman. 8/20/07 I served aboard the Virginia from Sep.'77 to Feb.'81. If anyone from that time period wants to email me they can, but my email address may be subject to change. 8/14/07 Hi Plankowner A Gang 76-79, would love to hear from old Shipmates, See what is up. Drop me a line if you remember me would love to hear from you. 8/7/07 plank owner, M division, 2 plant 1975 till 1979 8/3/07 Had a great time, when not on watch. I still dream about getting out, even though I have been out for 25 years. 7/22/07 Plank Owner, ET1 in RC Division until discharge in October 1977. 7/19/07 Crew member from 1988-1992. Thanks for maintaining this site it was fun scrolling through the pictures. 7/7/07 SERVED 80-83 A GANG / WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM SHIP MATES 7/6/07 I was a NUC IC man from 77-79, made the the first med cruise. It is good to see all the names on this page. Email mail if you wish. 7/6/07 I was an ET2 in CE division from 79 to 81. Now I'm a federal employee getting ready to retire in about 6 years. 6/26/07 I was precom, was it 75-76? I was an RO. For the life of me I can't remember any of the people that were aboard at the same time I was and have registered. Sorry it's my bad memory. I got out Sept. '78. I worked nuclear QA at the Navy Yard in Portsmouth VA. '78-2000'. I was there for the cruiser overhaul and transformation to razor blades. I'm back where it started as QA for "uncle" here in Newport News Shipbuilding. I'm a Navsea employee and have spent significant time with the Virginia Class Subs. Lord has the world of nuc power changed! I can't say my time on the Virginia was a whole lot of fun. I lost several friends to the drug exempt program. I managed to complete my enlistment without "confessing to doping". Good luck to you all. 6/24/07 looking for old a-gang shipemates 80 to 83 6/20/07 This month marks the 20th anniversary of my first and best MED CRUISE, MED 3-87. From bumping into ADM Boorda before we got underway (may he RIP), Cartegena to Haifa, what an amazing journey that was. Where has the time gone? 6/8/07 Served on Virginia 1980 ET1 at the time. 6/7/07 Served 77-80 E Division 6/6/07 I served in RL Division from April 88 until August 91. Engineering Department had a great bunch of guys back then. Stumbled across this site wondering what ever happend to the old beastie. 6/5/07 I was part of the commisioning crew in fact i was the honors boatswains Mate for comm and decomm pretty neat huh the called me Doc Boogie i have contact with a few of our old shipmates would like to have more 6/3/07 New e-mail address, just an update! 6/1/07 I was on the USS Virginia from Feb of 1980 to Jan of 1983 and served as LPO for the Combat Systems Division. My rating was ET1 at the time. Benjamin J Rhoads III 5/30/07 I served on the Virginia from 86-89 in RE Div, plant 1. I am glad there is a site for the people who served on the Virginia to find old friends. I did not realize that the ship was decmmissioned until today, in fact I was amazed to find that out. Anybody who remembers me feel free to e-mail, I know I will come back to this site from time to time now. 5/27/07 Served in E-Div. from 03/89-06/92. My first and only ship. I loved every minute of it. Good memories with ICC Smalt, IC2 Jamieson, IC3 Moses, IC3 Kittle, IC2 Cate, IC1 Kupczynski, QM2 Sorrells, QMSN Garrow, QMSN Parnell and the many other great friends I made throughout the ship. I'm sorry to hear of the Virginia's demise. 5/25/07 Just an old ST from CA Division, plank owner, any of my old gaing still out there? Drop me an e mail, Mark Anderson, formerly STG-2 5/21/07 Part of commissing crew. Sorry to hear about the demise of my BEST ship!! 5/19/07 Dave McFadden, Don't know if you remember me but I used to hang out with you and Harbuck. Hope life has been good to you! FTM2 Mike Morrissey 5/18/07 Iam A plank owner where what do I do to find a piece of my ship. Thank You 5/14/07 Former M2-div mechanic during the last two years. Part of the Deactivation Crew and the crew of the catamaran that mooned the ship during our stay in St. Kitts. Now working as an environmental engineer in the nuclear remediation field. 5/10/07 Plank Owner '75-'79 still alive 5/2/07 came aboard form the USS Iowa after decommisioning in oct 90 served thru aug 92 in R-div. Anybody remember Willy (MR1)or Pac Rat (HT1) How about Y-gate or Kohut (MR2) "hey....Zar" 4/30/07 Sad to hear about Mr. Smith, Oz. No better chain of command than Mr. Mac (CD Div O), Mr. Smith (BCO), Mr. Taylor (CSO), Capt. Sheridan(CO), Admiral Boorda (Fleet). I can't imagine better liberty ports than Med '87. Workups in Jamaica, then Cannes (great eyeball liberty on the beach), Monaco (the casino), Italy (the leading tower of Pisa), Egypt (the Pyramids), Morocco (the walled city of Fez). Let's do it again!!! 4/23/07 Had fond memories of serving onboard in late seventies early 80's! 4/23/07 I am trying to locate any and all fellow crewmates I served with from 1981-1983. 4/16/07 I'm a dependent of IC1 Carter(Plank Owner) and just found the site among other things. I was on the ship a few times and have very fond memories of the ship and her crew 4/15/07 whats going on m-div? 4/11/07 TRASH BAGS!!! If you remember, have a good laugh. If not you missed a good time 4/10/07 Medical/Radiation Health Officer mid 1986 to mid 1988 4/10/07 served aboard 84-86..corpsman,,worked with dr brideau, chuck frye, jan banks..celso garcia...great memories. 4/8/07 Served onboard the Virginia as a Disbursing Clerk 4/7/07 Original M-Div plankowner still alibe and kicking. 3/26/07 also a plank owner and still alive 3/23/07 I am a plankowner and I am still alive. USS VIRGINIA 75-77 3/22/07 I was looking for my son, and the last place he was at was the USS Virginia. Seaman John Falscroft. 3/21/07 I am wondering just how many Plank owners are alive from the commishining crew 75-77 3/20/07 Just Thought I'd Drop by again and see if anyone new showed up. Would like to hear from the 48 crew from 92-94. 3/13/07 Just A quick note to all the people who still dream about their days on board the pig. Hello to Jimmy Mac, Egg, Mike Hager, and has anyone in the world seen JO3 Andreas Oliver Walter???? Just shellbacked again on my first Coast Guard Cutter....not the same. I hope everyone from 89-93 is well....miss it so much. -goober pyle 3/6/07 Just found tha website, thanks. 2/23/07 What a blast from the past. As one of the original plankowners of this ship, I'm happy to have come across this site commemorating the ships existance and sad to find out that it has been decommissioned. Maybe if I had not been the rebel that I was in that day (1976-1977), it would have survived a couple more years. Seriously though, if I had a chance to do it again, I would have done my tour a little differently...NOT! Greetings to old shipmates and sorry Captain Davis for being a thorn in your side. 2/21/07 just checking in. much better without all the junk mail that was being sent to the site.The web page listed previously ( is a great site. So far I'm the only plankowner on the page. Need others to sign up. 2/19/07 Just checking in, alove and well. There's a new web site thta has a lot of our shipmates on it check it out when you get the chance. 2/10/07 just looking for shipmates that served on her from 1986 to 1991 2/10/07 Hello Shipmates. It's been a while since I last visited. nice to see some many name relay so many memories. I was in Deck Div 83-86 and CA Div from 86-89. Anybody out there remember me, please drop a line, and lets talk old times. Peace Out, STG3 Paul Carroll 2/10/07 I was a Reactor operator from 78 through 82 went on two med cruses and one indian ocean 2/9/07 Hey guys. I was onboard 77-80. Couldn't get with the program but hadda blast partying over half the world. Too bad i didn't grow up quicker but 13 captain's masts and 2 court marshals later the navy was thru with me :-) Lifes been a blast! Feel free to contact me. 2/3/07 I served on the Virginia from 1977 to 1982. It was a challenege but we made it to all the guys that served thanks, it changed my life for the better. Once again thanks. 2/2/07 OT Division OUTBOARD/TACINTEL Cryptologic Maintenance. Just checking in, thanks again Joel for keeping the site up and running, and for keeping the great memories (and even some of the bad ones that helped us grow) alive. 2/2/07 Great looking ship. 2/2/07 Hell's bells. Greatest Ship of the 5 I served upon. Combat Systems Officer 1984-1987. 2/2/07 I just found this website. So far I haven't found any of the EW's who served from 1980-1985. I remember EWCS Schmute? EW1 Hayes, EW2 Vandergieseen, or EW3 Klima. If any of you guys (or anyone who remembers me) sees this post, please drop me an email and say hi. It would be great to talk to you again. (Formerly) EW2 Max Day 2/2/07 I heard from the son of LT John Smith (Battery Control Officer) 1984-1987, that Mr. Smith passed away in 1994 at the young age of 48. I spoke with John Taylor (former LCDR - Combat Systems Officer) today. He retired in 1995 as a CDR, and has been consulting in the Virginia Beach area. He and his family are doing well. 1/31/07 Hello fellow shipmates. Just to let you guys know,I relocated to Florida. I am looking for work can any one help me out. 1/30/07 Still alive and kicking! 1/1/07 i served for three and a half year and this ship by far was the best ship in the fleet. capt. king was the best. we had the best capt and crew bar none i'm sorry to have left cause no whaere i went in my career was it better. feel free to email. 12/31/06 Happy New Year everyone. I've made some adjustments to the decklog that (hopefully) will thwart the rash of spam we've been getting for the past month or so. Joel Huston former(in order): CGN-38 nub officer, M1 Divo, A Divo, D.A.V.E., decomm plankowner current: unofficial webmaster