The crest of the USS Virginia was selected from almost 600 entries in a contest which challenged Virginia high school students with the job of designing a suitable crest for this mighty ship. Mr. Alan Brandtner of Kellam High School in Virginia Beach designed the winning crest and received a $1000 scholarship from the Navy League within the Commonwealth of Virginia.
The crest is highly symbolic of the ship it so aptly represents. The silhouette of the Commonwealth of Virginia represents the state for which the ship is named. The missile represents the main armament of the ship. The atom with orbiting electrons symbolizes the nuclear propulsion plant, consisting of two nuclear reactors. The shield in the center of the crest represents the protection Virginia has provided the nation she has served. Each of the eight stars represents a ship named Virginia. The motto "Sic Semper Tyrannis" is the Virginia state motto and means "Thus always to tyrants."
The heritage of the Virginia and our Navy are symbolized by the ancient ship's wheel and rope, derived from earlier sailing ships which constituted the first United States Navy.

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