General Characteristics, Virginia Class

Builders Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydock Company,Newport News, Va.
Power PlantTwo General Electric nuclear reactors, two gearedturbines, two shafts.
Length585 feet
Beam63 feet
Draft29 1/2 feet
Displacement11,000 tons (full load)
Speed 30 plus knots
Ships USS Virginia (CGN-38); Decommissioned
USS Texas (CGN-39); Decommissioned
USS Mississippi (CGN-40); Norfolk, Va.
USS Arkansas (CGN-41); Alameda, Calif.
Crew 39 Officers, 539 Enlisted
  • StandardMissile (MR)
  • EightHarpoon (From 2 quad launchers)
  • Eight Tomahawk ASM/LAM (From two Armored Box Launchers)
  • ASROC (fired from Mk-26 launchers fore and aft)
  • Six MK-46torpedoes (from two triple mounts)
  • Two 5-inch/54caliber MK 45 lightweight guns
  • Two Phalanx close-in-weapons systems
  • Date DeployedSeptember 11, 1976 (USS Virginia)

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