It is a damn shame about that whole affair......
If nothing else were to be said about him, I know that he had a great sense of humor......

Anyway here it goes....
An OS buddy of mine ( lee lucas ) and myself were waiting for the Launch to take us back to the ship( st thomas or st kitts.....I could be way off base as i was in no condition to be remembering minute details!) The previous launch had just left and so we had to wait for the next one. About that time The Admirals gig rolls on up to the landing and sure 'nuff here comes the Boss strolling down the pier like he owned it. He gave the 2 of us a sidelong glance and simply said " If you want a ride , I have'nt got all day......"
After booting the coxswain out of the drivers seat he proceeded to give us a tour of the harbor ( including the large Sailship with all the eye candy aboard ) when at last he steered his gig towards the A comm ladder, you could hear the bells and petty officer 'o the watch souding off,See the OOD making his way towards the top of the ladder and what does the Adm. do?? Of course, he gunned the engines of the gig for a quick spin 'round the virginia.......And made the Watchstanders rerun the entire routine...................absolutely the funniest.
but i still like the "Moonship" story better.

Ted Cronk ( fmr TM2 )

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