Sea Stories

I've had several people write to offer sea stories for use in the site, so here's how I've chosen to implement it. Click on the names below to read their contributions. If you would like to add your bit of Virginia lore, please send me an email at

Bob KirbyCommissioning & Sea Trials
Bill DamickCommissioning & Sea Trials
Tim Walsh A Whale of a Story
Joel Huston Decomm News Story
Joel Huston 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (at Sea)
Tom Rothweiler Birds Aweigh!
Clifford Berry Hot Deck
Mike Ihrig Mt51 Sea Trials (from a different perspective)
Jamie LePage You want fries with that?
Ted Cronk One about Adm Boorda...
Ed Basquill 100 Bags of Mail as featured in American Heritage Magazine!
David Sutton SecNav in 1 Plant
Bill Gutek A Whale of a Story: The Alternate History

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